Students Protest Lack Of Meat Dishes On?Campus?Following Launch Of Extensive Vegan Menu


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Students are asking for more meat options on the menu (Photo: Facebook) - Media Credit:

Students at the University of Connecticut are complaning about the lack of non-vegan options across dining halls.

According to students, ‘dining services should maintain a more equal balance’, and serve more meat-based dishes.

The university has recently received an A+ grade on its Vegan Report Card from PETA, following the implementation of 30 new plant-based dishes on the menu.


Student Noria Davis told media outlet Daily Campus: “It’s a positive idea.

“I just wish it was better balanced because it’s so focused on vegans (and) vegetarians, it’s not very fair to everyone else.”

Another student added: “Some people don’t eat meat, so it’s good that they do that, but they need to think about other people too.”

“They do still have meat, just much less (of it),” animal science major Kelli Knapp said. 

“It’s probably better, but people complain about it.”


The University of Connecticut Dining Services is part of an initiative that promotes healthier eating – which prompted the launch of an extensive vegan menu this semester.

The university’s Culinary Operations Manager, Rob Landolphi, explained that students can choose from a variety of vegan and non-vegan dishes.

He said: “We have a variety of meat and fish options available every day in every dining hall.

“Moving forward (we’re going to be) making the plant-based options the center of the plate with the meat as a… side.”


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