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London startup Oliver Co. has created vegan leather wallets and cardholders made using apple waste and wood.

The company, founded by product design graduate Matt Oliver last year, aims to produce the ‘same premium look as traditional leather’ using sustainable fabrics.

‘Leather-like touch’

Its ‘wood leather’ is made from thin sheets of wood bonded to fabric using an ‘environmentally friendly’ adhesive. Small laser etchings are then applied to achieve a ‘soft leather-like touch’.

All the wood that is processed comes from FSC approved forests and reduces the kg C02 emitted by around 60 percent compares to a square meter of animal-leather.

Oliver Co.’s ‘apple leather’ is made using 50 percent apple waste and 50 percent polyurethane to create a ‘soft but durable material’.

The apple byproduct comes from Bolzano, Italy, one of the world’s largest apple-producing regions – resulting in lower CO2 emissions compared to other faux-leathers.

‘Completely transparent’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, the brand said: “Sustainability is about going further than just the ingredients in a product. Oliver Co. works closely with its European suppliers to ensure a high standard of ethics is maintained from production of the materials through to product manufacturing.

“Through their channels, they aim to be completely transparent. They aim to trace back all of our product ingredients so that the customer knows exactly what they are buying into.”

Oliver Co. products, which range from £29-£69 can be purchased here

Liam Giliver

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