Reading Time: < 1 minute Tim Hortons tested a plant-based breakfast patty using Beyond Meat last year 
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Coffee giant Starbucks has confirmed it will launch a plant-based breakfast patty in both the United States and Canada this year.

The chain, which recently announced it will push consumers towards’ choosing vegan milk as part of a drive to become more sustainable, also said it was ‘migrating toward a more environmentally friendly menu’.

According to Animal Outlook, Starbucks COO Roz Brewer said: “We will be introducing a breakfast sandwich this year with a plant-based patty both in US and Canada, and the combination of those pairings is significant for us in terms of how we think about what the customers [are] asking for us to develop.”

‘Massive opportunity’

The brand did not comment on what plant-based supplier it will use, but an online petition urging Starbucks to offer Beyond Meat’s vegan sausage exceeded 19,000 signatures.

“Starbucks is missing a massive opportunity by not acting on the plant-based meat trend now,” the petition reads.

“There is a large and growing consumer demand for the Beyond Sausage and Starbucks is behind the times in not offering plant-based options in a year when 39 percent of consumers in the United States say they are actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet.”

Liam Giliver

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