Society Will Be Plant-Based By 2032, New Poll Respondents Believe

Society Will Be Plant-Based By 2032, New Poll Respondents Believe


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Society will transition to a fully plant-based diet by 2032, according to the respondents of a recent poll.

The survey, which polled 2,000 adults, was conducted by market research firm OnePoll and by Eat Just, Inc – a food tech company best known for its plant-based JUST Egg product made from mung beans – ahead of Better Breakfast Month (September).

Plant-based diets

According to a statement sent to Plant Based News, on average, respondents said they planned to transition to fully plant-based diets in five years’ time.

They felt that the rest of society would take 12 years, on average, to do the same.

Plant-based products

The polling also found that nearly six in 10 respondents have found themselves ‘transitioning to a more flexitarian, or semi-vegetarian, diet’, since the pandemic began, citing health as their top reason for making the change.

“Nearly 60 percent of respondents in the national general population survey said they ‘strongly agree’ or ‘somewhat agree’ when asked whether their eating habits were increasingly shifting to plant-based, with 39 percent of participants 18-25 years old and 23 percent of participants 26-41 years old stating that their diet already excludes animal products,” said a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“When it came to the motivations for plant-based purchases, half cited their desire to make healthier food choices, while about four in 10 said purchases were driven by a desire to eat fewer animal products (42 percent) and wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle (39 percent).”

Eat Just, Inc – maker of JUST Egg – commissioned the poll

Preferring plant-based products

It also discovered that 62 percent of respondents ‘frequently’ buy plant-based products when shopping, and that six in 10 said they liked the plant-based version of a food better than its animal-based counterpart.

“The results also dispelled the notion that plant-based products available today aren’t as tasty, or are more difficult to cook with, signifying the industry has made major strides in creating offerings that are not only delicious and nutritious but also easy to prepare,” said the statement.

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