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A new cookbook which promises to make vegan cooking quick and easy is now available.

So Vegan In 5, by So Vegan couple Roxy Pope and Ben Pook, features 100 simple vegan recipes with only five ingredients each. It also contains advice on how to live a more sustainable life.

Pope and Pook launched ‘So Vegan’ just over two years ago. Fast forward to today, their channel now has over one million devoted followers and their recipes reach a staggering tens of millions of people around the world every month.

So vegan

“Don’t let anyone tell you vegan food is bland, boring or complicated,” a spokesperson said about the book.

“Roxy and Ben, creators of ‘So Vegan’ – one of the world’s leading vegan recipe channels – will show you how to create fun and super tasty vegan recipes using just five ingredients, proving once and for all that vegan food is for everyone.

“This book is bursting with over 100 exciting, all-vegan, low-cost and low-ingredient recipes for the time-poor cook. You’ll find quick and easy breakfasts, simple and healthy light meals, classic dinners and indulgent desserts, plus so much more.”

So Vegan In 5 is available now in hardback, £20.

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