5 Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands To Keep You Glowing During Self-Isolation


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We know that a dewy complexion isn’t everyone’s priority right now. But, in the midst of all the crazy in the world, practicing self-care in the form of a new skincare routine can be a good way to pass the quarantine time.

And, with so many brands abstaining from testing their products on animals – you can achieve glowing skin in a cruelty-free fashion.

1. The Ordinary

Yes. You do need a qualification in chemistry to understand what exactly you’re putting on your face – but once you get passed that – say hello to beautiful skin.

Whether you want to target textural irregularities, improve under-eye circles, or simply hydrate your skin – The Ordinary has an eclectic range of products that are surprisingly affordable. It is, however, important to point out that not all products are vegan (though its entire range isn’t tested on animals.)

2. Bulldog

Bulldog is somewhat of an underdog when it comes to cruelty-free skincare. The company very nonchalantly became one of the first certified cruelty-free brands to sell its products in China after striking up a ‘unique agreement’ with the government.

Its beard oil is essential in taming that six-week-lockdown growth. Or, if you want to begone of facial hair altogether – its Sensitive Bamboo Razor is a must – especially when used with the Sensitive Foaming Shave Gel.

And, whilst this won’t make your face glow, Bulldog’s natural deodorants are a lifesaver. I mean, what’s the point in having a snatched face if you don’t smell like Peppermint & Eucalyptus? (There isn’t one.)

3. Milk Makeup

Two years ago, cult beauty brand Milk Makeup turned 100 percent vegan – replacing ingredients like collagen, gelatin, beeswax, and lanolin with plant-based alternatives such as avocado oil and mango butter.

But Milk doesn’t just do makeup – and its skincare isn’t compromised. In fact, Milk’s moisturizing cleanser can only be described as a gift from the Gods.

4. Lush

If you thought you were going to do a piece on skincare and not mention Lush – you’re sorely mistaken.

The beauty giant ditched eggs from all of its products last year – and states that more than 80 percent of its range is vegan.

Spending isolation with Lush’s Don’t Look At Me face mask is honestly the way forward. 

5. ZWC

Okay, this is not a brand, but making your own skincare products can be a great way to reduce your environmental impacting – and you know exactly what ingredients are being used!

Zero waste club has tutorials on how to make your own low-impact moisturizer, vegan lip balm, and an acne-fighting face mask.

You can view Zero Waste Club’s tutorials here

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