WATCH: ‘A Single Vegan Meal Can Improve Sexual Performance’


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Eating just one vegan meal can have a positive impact on sexual performance, according to new documentary The Game Changers, which shows men recording better erections after going plant-based for the night.

Speaking exclusively to Plant Based News, acclaimed MD Dr. Dean Ornish said: “There’s one great scene in there, with a urologist…they have these three young athletes and they feed them a plant-based meal.

“Then they measure at night how frequent and hard their erections are. Then they do a meat-based meal and do the same thing, and they found [the athletes] had 300-500 percent more frequent erections that were 10-15 percent harder after just one meal.”

Blood flow

He adds: “We’ve reported on this – your brain gets less blood flow, your heart gets less blood flow, if you eat a single high fat animal protein meal. That didn’t impress people so much.

“But when you show [what happens to your] sexual organs…I think the whole film crew went vegan after shooting that.

“I think it’s going to change a lot of minds.”

Sales of bananas have recently shot up across the US and UK

Erectile dysfunction

Other plant-based medics have spoken about the potential impact of a plant-based diet on sexual performance. According to the Physician’s Committee [PCRM] – a non-profit made up of more than 12,000 health care professionals – between 15 and 30 million men in the US are affected by erectile dysfunction [ED].

The organization says: “For the vast majority of men who suffer from ED, the problem lies with decreased blood flow related to poor vascular health…Luckily, as we learned more than 20 years ago with cardiovascular research, impeded blood flow is a condition that can be reversed, with arteries literally opening up again, simply by adopting a low-fat, plant-based diet.

“While it makes sense that what works to open up some pipes will open up all pipes, a study looked specifically at impotence and healthful dietary changes and found that normal sexual function returned in almost one-third of the men who ate less saturated fat and cholesterol (both of which are abundant in animal products) and more fiber (only found in plant foods), compared with a five percent recovery in the group that received modest health recommendations.”

You canwatch the full video on YouTube here

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