Reading Time: < 1 minute School kids in NYC will be able to eat plant-based
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Every public school in the New York City district will be offering at least one plant-based option at lunch this year.

The plant-based option across the 1,200 schools will be hummus.

In addition, three fully vegetarian schools in the borough will offer a rotation of vegan dishes including Mexican Chili, Lentil Stew, Lentil Sloppy Joes, Braised Black Beans with Plantains, and Zesty BBQ Crunchy Tofu.


The initiative was launched by The Coalition for Healthy School Food [CHSF], which has been working with the city to help transform school meals. So far, it has helped multiple schools in the district remove meat entirely from the menu.

This new initiative across NYC is supported by plant-based dieter and Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, who beat type 2 diabetes with his new way of eating.


Adams told VegNews: “It is particularly exciting to learn that this is a youth-driven initiative.

“Our children understand that a healthy meal is the best fuel for a quality education, and I am pleased to work with CHSF as we advance a wholesome whole-food vision for our youngest Brooklynites and their families.”


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