Reading Time: 2 minutes Prince Khaled has invested in a number of 'green' businesses (Photo: Facebook)
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A Saudi Prince known for his plans to consign factory farming to the history books has joined the board of directors at Hampton Creek.

Khaled bin Alwaleed Alsaud, who has invested in green companies including Memphis Meats through his company KBW Ventures, took to Facebook to share the news with his followers.

The Saudi Prince will join the Hampton Creek team, along with DuPont’s former Vice President Jim Borel, founder of The Carbon Underground Larry Kopald, and Cliff Coles, a former Heinz food safety expert.

The food technology company has also appointed three new advisors, including technology entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, MarketShare CEO Jon Vein, and daughter of Dutch entrepreneur Willem van Eelen, Ira van Eelen.

‘Thank God’

He wrote: “Remember when I said ‘my main goal is to relegate factory farming and put it in the dustbin of history?’

“I wasn’t kidding around. Thank you and thank God I joined the board of directors of Hampton Creek, one of the largest companies in the world for plant products.”

He added: “I have been born into a situation that gives me the capacity to make a significant positive influence in the world. 

“Industrial animal agriculture is poisoning our planet, depleting resources, contributing to a global health crisis, and causing animal suffering beyond anything most of us can imagine.”

Hampton Creek

Silicon Valley startup Hampton Creek is currently working on a number of products.

Its flagship item is Just Mayo – a plant-based alternative to mayonnaise.

The company is also working on creating cultured meat – with ambitious plans to get the product to mass market in 2018.

Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick commented: “As we’ve said before, we believe eating well is a basic right and if a decision?—?from the people we bring onboard to the technologies we develop to the products we launch?—?increases the probability of achieving our mission in our lifetimes, we’ll do it. 

“If a decision decreases that probability, we won’t. That’s our operating principle, whether privately held or publicly traded. It’s the common thread running through everything we do.”


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