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Cruise company, Royal Caribbean International, has added a new plant-based menu to its ships’ main dining room. 

Dishes including edamame-stuffed portobello mushrooms, vegan spaghetti bolognese, orzo pasta stew with green vegetables, and toffee cheesecake with dark chocolate and a peanut butter crust, will be available as each ship returns to its homeport.

It has been reported that plant-based food will continue to be served at the Royal Caribbean’s Windjammer buffet – with the new menu in the main dining room allowing ‘vegan passengers to enjoy more formal meals’.

Formalizing ‘vegan offerings’ 

“At Royal Caribbean, we’re always looking at how to raise the bar of our dining offerings and we do it with one specific purpose: delivering great vacations for our guests,” Linken D’Souza, Vice President of Food and Beverage at Royal Caribbean International, told VegNews

“As the number of people and families adopting a vegan lifestyle continues to grow, we wanted to formalize our vegan offerings in a dedicated menu (available upon request in the Main Dining Room) where guests can explore options and choose their dish—it’s all part of the dining experience. It’s important [for] us to meet vacationers’ dietary choices.”

Vegan cruise

Back in 2017, Oceania Cruises – the world’s largest luxury cruise line launched a plant-based menu featuring more than 250 dishes.

Oceania’s new vegan menu, featured in the ships’ main dining rooms, gave guests a myriad of options. 

Breakfast includes a vanilla waffle with fresh berries, and apricot and pistachio muffins, among others. For lunch, passengers could enjoy a Tuscan-style bean soup, and a truffle-flavored parsnip soup for dinner.

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