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Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has agreed to ditch leather from his clothing line – and use a plant-based alternative instead.

Animal rights charity PETA encouraged the star, who launched his Hart N Dagger line last November, to make the move.

The $275 jeans will have a small leather alternative patch on the waistband, instead of real animal hide.


A spokesperson for PETA said: “After learning from PETA that the throats of cows used for leather are routinely slit at slaughterhouses while the animals are still conscious, Hart N Dagger—owned by rocker Jon Bon Jovi—acted swiftly to replace all the animal skins used in its clothing line with innovative and trendy vegan versions instead. 

“A box of delicious cow-shaped vegan chocolates is on its way to thank the company for its compassionate decision.”


PETA Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman, added: “Animals are no longer livin’ on a prayer, thanks to Jon Bon Jovi.

“Every day, PETA hears from shoppers who are looking for vegan-friendly retailers, and Hart N Dagger now fits the bill by agreeing to use only high-quality vegan leather on its denim. And compassionate consumers are applauding the move.”

PETA is continuing to campaign to encourage a number of other retailers to make the switch to cruelty-free fabrics, including Lucky Brand, True Religion and Levi’s.

Bon Jovi did not comment on whether he would stop wearing leather himself.


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