Reading Time: < 1 minute Relkin says buying 'sustainably sourced' meat wasn't enough (Photo: Instagram)
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The White Owl
Social Club in Portland, Oregon has removed lamb and beef burgers from its menu – in favour of the popular plant-based Impossible Burger.

Despite the
metal bar’s lamb and beef burgers bringing in $80,000 in sales last year – and chicken
still being sold there – co-owner Matt Relkin says the pub is determined to ‘make
a positive change’.

people know that meat burgers are unsustainable and extremely damaging to the
environment, not to mention beef is a criminally cruel industry.”


Relkin also
told Portland Monthly that he doesn’t think buying ‘sustainably sourced’ meat
is enough.

He said: “It
was bullsh*t thinking just because I knew where our lamb and beef was coming
from, that there wasn’t still this underlying presence of the environmental
footprint. It’s still there, no matter the quality and how happy the animal

The bar has
also stopped using plastic straws to reduce environmental impact – and provides compostable straws upon request.


Relkin said
he hopes consumers are understanding of the change.

He added: “It’s
truly coming from a place of compassion and concern for this world we all live
in. We don’t want to be part of the problem.”

Emily Court

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