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Charismatic comedian Preacher Lawson has revealed why he wouldn’t date a non-vegan in this exclusive Plant Based News video.

The star faced a barrage of questions from PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell in this quickfire question interview.

He tackled a range of topics – including his love life, whether he double-dips in hummus, and the last thing he splurged on.

Vegan interview

Speaking about his dating life, he said: “I would never date a non-vegan.  

“If they were vegetarian transitioning to vegan, or they were trying to be a vegan, yeah I would date someone who’s trying to be a vegan.

“But if someone’s like ‘I eat meat’, ‘I’m like, eat meat over there’. I wouldn’t date someone who isn’t a vegan.”

You can watch the full video on YouTube here