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Israel’s first vegan supermarket has opened in Tel Aviv – inspired by famous German plant-based store Veganz.

Tel Aviv is reportedly regarded as the vegan capital of Israel, and offers many vegan bars and restaurants, now it is also home to the Green Wave (Gal Hayarok) shop.

Founders Refael Avraham and Eylon Zakzer say they plan to open an additional five outlets across the country by next year.


Avraham and Zakzer claim they want to make veganism more accessible to consumers. With around 4,000 plant-based products on shelves, their first Green Wave branch should offer plenty of choice.

Items for sale in the 100sqm store include legumes, spices and condiments, dairy-alternative products, ready meals, baked goods, ice-cream, snack foods and protein bars – among other items.

The founders describe the outlet as a ‘safe space’ for vegans and personally guarantee that every product sold is 100 per cent – with no animal exploitation at any stage of production.


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