Reading Time: < 1 minute Omnipork is made from shiitake mushroom, rice, non-GMO soy, and plant protein (Photo: Omnipork)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A vegan pork alternative is set to launch online and in 180 restaurants across China.

Omnipork (known as ‘new pork’ in Chinese) was developed by Green Common founder David Yeung. It is currently available for sale online and in retailers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Now, from November 29, Chinese consumers will be able to sample the product in multiple eateries, with The Grand Hyatt Beijing being the first hotel partner to offer Omnipork in dishes.Alternatively, they will be able to buy it from an online Tmall store (a Chinese-language retail site).


In an interview with Plant Based News, Yeung revealed that he spent a long time assembling the right team, and developing the product.

He said: “With entrepreneurship, as much as you have a dream or vision, at the end it’s about execution and execution requires a high performance, mission-aligned good team.

“We are very fortunate to have come across food scientists – the people who are very familiar with consumer tastes and also the Asian palate.”

‘Start a new page’

Speaking about the launch of the product in China, Yeung made a statement saying: “Our collaboration with Tmall Global is a milestone development in the China market, enabling local consumers to get a taste of the future,” said David Yeung.

“With our store’s inauguration on November 29, we are going to start a new page in leading a healthy and sustainable food consumption trend in China.”

The launch comes as China is experiencing a pork shortage and increased prices as a result of African Swine Fever – Green Common wants to capitalize on the shortage by making its animal-free option more widely available.

Maria Chiorando

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