Reading Time: < 1 minute The new product will offer a plant-based alternative to traditional scrambled egg
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A Silicon Valley plant-based start-up will be launching a vegan alternative to scrambled egg within months.

Hampton Creek – whose flagship item is plant-based ‘mayonnaise’ Just Mayo – has based its new product, dubbed Just Scramble, on a mung bean isolate protein referred to as ‘Jack’.

According to the company, Jack is ‘an egg substitute that contains 20 per cent more protein than a chicken egg with zero cholesterol’. 

The brand plans to use the ingredient in the development of further products.


According to Hampton Creek Communications Director Andrew Noyes, Jack has been given the Food and Drug Administration’s [FDA] stamp of approval.

He said: “Hampton Creek has just been notified by the FDA that our submission for mung bean protein isolate nicknamed ‘Jack’ has been met with a ‘No Questions’ letter from the agency, meaning there are no concerns around safety and it is ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ (GRAS).

“Jack, which our research and culinary teams also refer to as ‘magic bean’, has been in the food system for thousands of years and it’s the base ingredient for our forthcoming Just Scramble product, an egg substitute that contains 20 percent more protein than a chicken egg with zero cholesterol.”

Just Scrambled will be launched at the University of San Francisco.


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