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Imogen Lucas, known on Instagram as Sustainably Vegan, talks to Plant Based News‘ co-founder, Robbie Lockie, in the latest PBN podcast.

Lucas, who is also the founder of Low Impact Movement – an educational platform that helps people reduce personal waste and spreads awareness on the waste pandemic – believes ‘consumers have more power than they think they do’.

‘We have buying power’

In the podcast, Lucas said: “We have buying power and by changing our habits very slightly, that can actually have a massive knock-on effect and manufacturers will look at that and realize there is a market for something else.”

Critiquing the complete demonization of plastic, and suggesting the focus should be shifted to single-use plastic, Lucas explores how having a perfectionist mentality with zero-waste can harm your mental health

Alienating other people

Lucas said: “At the end of the day, we’re all trying to do something good there’s no point taking it so seriously to the point you’re alienating other people or yourself, but also have some fun.

“Start small, I started with a coffee cup, that’s the only thing I changed, and then suddenly now I pretty much live a zero waste lifestyle.”

You can listen to the podcast below.

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