EXCLUSIVE: Vegan Model Emma Laird Becomes The New Face Of Pandora

EXCLUSIVE: Vegan Model Emma Laird Becomes The New Face Of Pandora


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- Media Credit: Pandora
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Plant-based model, actress, and activist Emma Laird has become the latest face of jewelry giant Pandora. 

The campaign, which features a TV advert that will air later this week, will also see adverts of Emma in shops across the UK, and on Pandora’s website. 

PBN: How did you feel when you got the job? 

Emma: “I was actually on set, stood right next to Stella McCartney shooting her most recent campaign on sustainability. Both jobs were the most surreal feeling and special in their own ways. 

“I got the Pandora job because of my acting showreel, so they technically booked me as an actress. Whereas with Stella, I was booked for my environmental work. It’s just a lovely reminder that juggling all these things (modeling, acting, volunteering, speaking out about climate change, etc) are worth it.”

PBN: How does veganism affect your career?

Emma: “Every day I get into conversations with people on set. People doing the lunch run or catering will ask if I have any allergies. When I tell them I’m vegan we end up having the most interesting conversations about veganism. I’ve found that a lot of people in the fashion industry are more open-minded.

“I don’t know if it’s because they’re creatives so they think in a different way, or if it’s because we’re often part of groups that have been suppressed that we can sympathize more with animals. 

“Overall, being vegan doesn’t really complicate work, there’s always Uber eats if all else fails.”

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PBN: Do you always work with ethical brands?

Emma: “It’s hard to work with brands that are exclusively vegan in fashion. It’s my job to model, it’s my personal lifestyle to be vegan. It’s the same as how we have vegan waiters in places that serve meat, or retail shops that sell leather. 

“It’s unrealistic to expect all vegans to have a ‘vegan job’ – although it’s great when your work does align with your ethics. All we can do is support vegan companies and do the best we can in our situation to help the movement thrive. 

“Saying that I have been lucky to work with some great eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands this year. Of course, the Stella Mccartney campaign was one of the biggest jobs of my life, along with Pandora, but smaller brands like Komodo Fashion are popping up a lot now. I also featured in the sustainability issue of Oh Comely magazine. 

“It’s slow progress for an industry that contributes so heavily to climate change, but it’s good to see progress. This is why I love shopping second hand because there are so many designer clothes out there that end up unwanted.”

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