Reading Time: < 1 minute The patty is currently only available in eateries (Photo: Impossible Foods)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The plant-based Impossible Burger will launch in stores next year.

The company said ‘overwhelming demand’ was behind the move in an official statement released yesterday.

Impossible Foods has not yet provided details about which retailers will stock its flagship product.

Plant-based burger

“By far the No. 1 message from fans on social media is, ‘when will I be able to buy and cook the Impossible Burger at home?’,” said Impossible Foods CEO and Founder Dr. Patrick Brown.

“We can’t wait until home chefs experience the magic and delight of the first plant-based meat that actually cooks and tastes like meat from animals – without any compromise.”

Bloggers taste test the Impossible Burger

13 million burgers

Around 13 million Impossible Burger have been consumed in the US – with about 5,000 eateries across the country serving the patty, including fast food outlet White Castle – and it is essential this figure continues to grow if global emissions are to be reduced, according to Brown.

“Until today, the only technology we’ve known that can turn plants into meat has been animals – but cows, pigs, chicken and fish are terribly inefficient at turning plants into meat,” he said. We now know how to make meat better – by making it directly from plants.In eliminating the need for animals in the food system, we will return massive tracts of land to biodiversity, reduce food insecurity and global conflicts, and let the Earth heal itself.

“Eliminating the need for animals in the food system is the easiest path to preserve our planet – without compromising quality of life.”

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