Reading Time: 2 minutes Simon Hill created the hub after transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle (Photo: Simon Hill)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A free resource, offering plant-based nutritional information, has launched online.

The all-new vegan hub – called Plant Proof – has been created by health professional Simon Hill.

Hill completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours in 2008 and is currently studying a Masters in Nutrition.

He based the site on his personal experience living a plant-based lifestyle, and the questions he had while transitioning to a lifestyle without animal products.


Before adopting a plant-based diet, Hill shared the same fears as many others – for example, whether ditching meat means losing muscle, gaining weight, feeling bloated, or missing out on iron.

After taking on university studies, as well as researching plant-based eating through listening to countless hours of podcasts, Hill says he was ‘able to answer all of those questions and more’.

According to a spokesperson for Plant Proof: “With his experience of understanding the human body from the inside out and having worked closely with professional athletes, Simon Hill is well equipped to help others explore and adopt a 100 percent plant-based or vegan diet.”

Information itself covers a range of topics, including commonly asked questions, scientifically-reviewed info, recipes, meal guides, interviews, and restaurant and product reviews.

The site is also supported by other social media platforms including @plant_proof Instagram, Plant Proof Nutrition Facebook page and a soon to be launched YouTube and Podcast channel.

Interviews will include professional soccer player Jermaine Junior, well-known vegan Punk Rocker/Ironman John Joseph and Dr. Michelle McMacken.

Product directory

In addition, Plant Proof is establishing a ‘Plant Proof Approved’ product directory with a logo being made available to select brands that meet the criteria (100 percent vegan, organic and no artificial ingredients).

The first product to hit the market with the Plant Proof Approved logo is an Organic Tempeh in Australia called Organic Village which is now sold at the largest grocery store in Australia, Woolworths.

The logo aims to make it easier for consumers to identify the healthiest plant-based products in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

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