Plant-Based Gym Launches Online Service To Help Healthy Vegan Eating Go Global


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The online community means a global audience can connect to the program - Media Credit:

A plant-based gym in Colorado aims to reach out to the masses to spread its message about health and veganism.

Staff at Whole Health Club just outside Denver follow a plant-based diet, they will share information about their lifestyle through an online community, which will include daily workouts and recipes, professional answers to questions, and Facebook live videos so members can follow live workout sessions.

‘Happy and healthy’

According to gym owner Sam: “I grew up in a midwestern family where a home cooked meal meant a nice pot roast. Early in my life the only food I consumed was animal products. I was an athlete and was told I need to eat more calories mainly meat to get big. 

“This lead to stomach problems my entire childhood. Thanks to my business partner and cousin Chase Parker I was introduced to a plant based lifestyle. I was so skeptical and doubting at first but he patiently kept giving me information about this way of eating and after a short time it was impossible to deny the science. 

“I have since felt the best I have in my whole life for the last four and half years I have been plant-based. In fact it has impacted me so much I decided that it has to be my mission to show people this happy healthy lifestyle.”

Around the world

According to a spokesperson for the business: “After seeing the incredible results their clients have had, trainers decided they didn’t want to just limit themselves to a local audience. That’s how the Whole Health Community was born. 

“The community aims to connect people all over the world with Whole Health Club’s expert staff so anyone can have a guide through their journey to a whole foods, plant-based diet. 

“Austin Joseph, a longtime animal rights activist as well as a personal trainer and nutritionist at Whole Health Club, is optimistic about the online service’s potential to spread both veganism and healthy living.” 

Gym sources have described this mission as both simple and complex: simple because of the untapped potential of combining cooking classes, plant based eating, and experts. 

At the same time, it is complex because it involves taking on big-box gyms and changing the way people think about food.

Easy switch

Austin Joseph says: “A lot of people know about the benefits of a whole foods, plant based lifestyle from documentaries like Forks Over Knives and What the Health.

“But a switch like this can still be intimidating enough to prevent people from taking the leap. I think having easy access to experts can help a lot of people make the switch and get healthier than ever before in the process.”

According to Sam Grantham, Co-owner of Whole Health Club, the combination of convenience and expertise is already making a difference. “The community is designed to help all types of people. We want everyone to have access to plant based professionals and a supportive community all at once.

“We want it to be low cost to make it as accessible as possible. By reaching people who haven’t seen our message before, we can change lives and save a lot of animals in the process.”


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