WATCH: Top Plant-Based Doctor ‘Debunks Theory That Humans Are Designed To Eat Meat’


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Dr. Milton Mills talks to PBN - Media Credit:

Top plant-based physician Dr. Milton Mills – who was featured in smash hit documentary What the Health – is an expert in the field of evolution.

In this exclusive Plant Based News video, Dr. Mills talks about how human physiology suggests that people are not biologically designed to consume animals or their secretions.

He said: ” Our anatomy and physiology is completely different from meat eaters. There’s really nothing that supports the idea that human beings should be consuming animal tissue.”

Side effects of animal products

He added: “The more meat people eat the higher their risk of heart disease, the higher their risk of cancer, the higher their risk of kidney disease.”

Moving onto discussing dairy products, he said: “If you look worldwide, those nations that consume the most dairy food, also have the highest incidents of osteoporosis. Dairy is the most unnatural food that human beings consume.

“Drinking milk for the nutrients is like inhaling cigarette smoke for the oxygen. It’s all marketing – they recommend dairy because the dairy lobby lobbies them to encourage it.”

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