WATCH: How A Plant-Based Diet Could Save The Healthcare System

WATCH: How A Plant-Based Diet Could Save The Healthcare System


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It's time to prevent sickness instead of treat it, say a growing number of doctors (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission) - Media Credit:
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The health care system is failing – and it’s because it looks to treat sickness rather than prevent it, Dr. Pam Popper says in this video.

Dr. Popper is the founder and President of Wellness Forum Health and a serving member of the Physician’s Steering Committee and the President’s Board for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Plant-based diet

She is one of the growing number of medics pointing out that the standard American diet will inevitably lead to health issues – including type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity – for many people.

As well as containing refined oils and added sugars, the Standard American diet is typically heavy in meat, eggs and dairy, and is low in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. As a result, we are seeing a growing crisis of chronic disease, including some of the world’s biggest killers.

‘Sick care not health care’

“It’s really sick care, not health care the way we do things now. We wait until we’re sick. People eat, drink, and be merry, they wait until something’s wrong, they go to a doctor, they get their symptoms addressed, and they do the same things they were doing before,” Dr. Popper says in the video.

“There’s very little talk about preventing, or stopping, or reversing disease. And so, people get to a place where I think it’s one crisis after another. The whole system is set up to reward being sick, and being treated for being sick, or the myth that if you just show up in doctors’ offices enough we’ll do enough screening to keep you from getting sick, which isn’t working at all.

“It’s a terrible way to live your life as opposed to being much more intentional about taking care of yourself…Everybody is talking about their point of view instead of looking at factual information. Most of the messages people are getting every day are totally the opposite of what they should be hearing – not scientifically-based. So we have to do something about all the erroneous messages that people get that are leading them astray.”

Vegan pledge

In a bid to tackle the growing health problems across the United States, charity Million Dollar Vegan is calling on people to sign a 31-day vegan pledge.

The charity has partnered a significant number of renowned doctors who are promoting the healthcare benefits of a whole food plant-based diet, and have given testimonies on the benefits.

Join the vegan pledge to receive 31 inspirational daily newsletters and get access to Million Dollar Vegan’s exclusive Vegan Starter Kit, delicious plant-based recipes, and its comprehensive Health & Nutrition Guide all for free here.

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