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Reading Time: 2 minutes

An award-winning pizzeria has transformed itself into a vegan Italian restaurant.

Novapizza recently announced its former head chef Maddalena Pezone is now running the restaraunt – and that it has decided to ditch all animal products.

The eatery, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, reopened its doors just two days ago – after the country’s lockdown guidelines eased.

‘Mouthwatering vegan alternatives’

On Instagram, Novapizza said: “We are now 100 percent vegan! Yes, you’ve heard it right – our menu is now fully plant-based.

“We’ve replaced vegetarian options with new mouthwatering vegan alternatives which we cannot wait for you to try.

“We love what we do and you will feel the passion in any dish that comes out from our kitchen – today, tomorrow, always.”

‘Going all-vegan’

Earlier this year, popular L.A eatery Burgerlords also decided to veganize its entire menu.

According to animal-rights charity PETA, owner Frederick Guerrero said: “Growing up working in my family’s restaurant, I always wanted to have my own place that represented how I ate.

“We’ve gone back and forth with the idea of going all-vegan with the restaurants, so we figured that now was [as good a] time as any to make the leap.”

You can make a reservation at Novapizza here

Liam Giliver

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