Pizza Brand Seeks ‘Vegan Cheese Maker’ To Keep Up With Demand


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Purezza is 100 percent vegan (Photo: Purezza) - Media Credit:

An indie vegan pizza restaurant is on the hunt for a full-time cheesemaker to keep up with the demands of the developing vegan market.

Self-described ‘plant-pioneer’ Purezza is a 100 percent vegan operation with an outlet in Bright and one opening at the end of February in London’s Camden.

The company offers a range of plant-based cheeses, including mozzarella and ricotta, as well as raw cashew cheeses, coconut melty, and many more. 


Now Purezza is looking to hire a full-time cheesemaker to provide cheese
to their London and Brighton restaurants. 

In addition, the new staff member will also be involved in the development of developing new cheeses.


Purezza Co-founder Tim Barclay says: “Purezza continues to work to change industry norms. It’s
really exciting to be in a position to be able to hire someone for a full-time role as a vegan and
plant-based cheesemaker. 

“It really shows the development of the vegan market over recent

“Vegans are often criticised for leading to a decline in dairy and disrupting traditional farming
practices. We would argue that actually demand creates supply – that it’s a natural shift in

“Just as the horse and cart was replaced with cars, plant-based is a replacement for our
current food systems. It does not destroy jobs, it simply shifts them, in this case from a dairy
farm and traditional cheesemaker towards sustainable farms providing key ingredients for our
cheeses and a plant-based kitchen.”


According to Purezza, its cheeses are significantly more environmentally-friendly and also
far healthier than their dairy-based counterparts, containing half the fat of traditional cheeses and zero cholesterol. 

And of course the cheeses don’t contain lactose, which many people are intolerant to or even allergic to. 


The job itself is looking for someone to work 30+ hours per week at up to £10 per hour,
depending on experience. 

The primary job requirement is a focus on consistency to ensure that
cheese is delivered in a satisfactory manner to the London and Brighton restaurants. 

Those who are interested in applying for the rolecan do so here

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