Vegan Brand Perennial Debuts Dairy-Free Drink For ‘Healthy Aging’


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Founded by Beyond Meat's Co-Founder, Brent Taylor. (Photo: Perennial) - Media Credit:

Vegan brand, Perennial, has debuted a dairy-free drink designed specifically for those aged over 50 to promote healthy aging.

Perennial describes its product as ‘nutrient dense’, as it contains omega-3s, B12, choline, vitamin E, folate, calcium, vitamin D, prebiotic fiber and complete plant protein.

The company also claims its plant-based drink is good for brain, bone, digestive, and muscle health, and is personalized for the elder generation who ‘often fall short in certain nutrients’.

‘A modern and sustainable approach’

Perennial’s website reads: “We are sons and daughters of 50+ adults, and we wanted to continue to see them thrive. Frustrated by the lack of innovation for this forgotten demographic, we set out to create a world we’re excited to age into.

“We believe age doesn’t define you and that there are limitless opportunities over 50+. By using a more modern and sustainable approach, we have brought Perennial to you. And we continue to innovate every day, using our deepening understanding of plants to fuel healthy, active, thriving life at age 50 and beyond.”

“We took what we liked about dairy milk (taste, protein, calcium, and vitamins) but reduced sugar, added healthy fats, and removed cholesterol.”

Perennial has already raised an estimated $2.5 million, including an investment from Collaborative Fund.

‘Better than dairy’

Perennial Board Member and Collaborative Fund partner, Lauren Loktev, told BevNET: “We think there is a real opportunity to not only create an imitation of a dairy product, but something that is maybe as good or better than dairy, and the opportunity to create something from a health perspective that is superior by using plants.

“Perennial we really loved because I think the next wave of animal protein alternatives is going to need to have companies that have favorable health and nutrition profiles and can address needs that are harder to fulfill with the existing products that are out there.”

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