74-Year-Old Vegan Credits Plant-Based Diet For Surviving Coronavirus

74-Year-Old Vegan Credits Plant-Based Diet For Surviving Coronavirus


(updated 28th September 2020)

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'I really thought I would die' (Photo edited by Plant Based News) - Media Credit:
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74-year-old vegan Andre Dehant has credited her plant-based diet for aiding her survival after contracting coronavirus (Covid-19).

Speaking to Plant Based News, Dehant explained how she was told by an Intensive Care Doctor that she wasn’t well enough to go on a ventilator due to having COPD.

‘A miracle’

“I was told that not many options were available for me, but antibiotics and everything else would be tried to help me,” Dehant said.

“I really thought I would die, and according to consultants after treating me, they said I had received a miracle. My husband also had Covid-19, and has been vegan for over 7 years and he recovered too.”

Dehant also explained how her kidney function had shown a recovery of 80 percent, which she says is due to being vegan.

Dr. Greger

Recently, renowned plant-based medic Dr. Greger warned one of the reasons the US is dealing with the highest number of coronavirus-related deaths is because of pre-existing health conditions.

“Let think about them – obesity, T2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension – every single one of them can not just be prevented and stopped, arrested in their tracks, but reversed with a healthy enough plant-based diet,” he said.

“And so the fact that for example, obesity is increasing the risk of a severe course of Covid-19 by six-seven times and that’s for a BMI over 28 – that’s not even obese, that’s just overweight.”

British Dietetic Association

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) declared no diet can prevent coronavirus.

The organization, which represents dietitians across the UK, is asking people to stop spreading ‘nutrition pseudoscience’ about ‘miracle supplements and foods that prevent infection’ and reiterates that good hygiene practice remains the best means of avoiding infection.

It adds that no individual nutrient, food, or supplement is going to ‘boost’ your immune system beyond normal levels, though it confirms that ‘eating a well-balanced diet can help ensure the normal functioning of the immune system’.

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