From 'Protein Obsessed' To Vegan Chef: PBN Interviews EpiVegan In Latest Podcast

From ‘Protein Obsessed’ To Vegan Chef: PBN Interviews EpiVegan In Latest Podcast


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Dubbed as EpiVegan, Brett Cobley, only entered the vegan realm in 2016 but quickly caught the attention of thousands with his plant-based creations.

Since then, he’s turned his penchant for cooking from a part-time hobby into a full-time gig, releasing his debut cookbook ‘What Vegans Eat’.

‘People are very disconnected’

Cobley’s attitude towards cooking helps him connect with where his food comes from. He tells Robbie Lockie, co-founder of PBN: “People talk about veganism in the fact that people are very disconnected from their food, they don’t know where their food comes from and you can go vegan but then if you never learn how to cook or know how food goes together – you’re still quite disconnected with where your food comes from.

“So learning how to cook and taking that time in the kitchen, you don’t have to become an expert but, you know, it really helps to know what’s going in your body and you can really connect with the food and appreciate it.”

‘An inconvenient truth’

The podcast also covers the three P’s: privilege, poverty, and personal ethics – as well as touching on the way society is structured to shield us from the realities of the meat and dairy industry.

Cobley argues: “Society is set up in a way that it tells people they can’t function without meat and dairy so they put it to the back of their mind that actually they’re eating an animal, and I think that’s what I was doing all of the time.”

“Our life isn’t designed for us to find this information out because it’s an inconvenient truth.”

To listen to the whole podcast, click here.

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