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Food giant Oxo is to launch a plant-based beef-flavored stock cube.

The company, owned by Premier Foods, has not revealed when the meat-free product will be available, but has announced it will ‘start appearing on supermarket shelves soon’.

‘Very important’

According to The Guardian, Chief Executive of Premier Foods, Alex Whitehouse, described plant-based eating as ‘clearly very important’.

“There was a clear role for a vegan but beef-flavored cube,” he said.

‘Health-conscious shoppers’

Last year, Premier Foods unveiled its own plant-based snack brand named Plantastic.

The range, which hit supermarket shelves towards the end of 2019, aimed to ‘give health-conscious shoppers a consistent branded solution when seeking plant-based products on the go’, included cake bars and dessert pots.

The first snacks to debut were the brand’s dessert pot range in Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Passionfruit, and three different flavored cake bars: Lime and Courgette Cake with Coconut, Apricot and Ginger Oat Bar with Chia Seeds, and Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie with Cocoa Nibs.

“Consumer testing results show that the products have wide consumer appeal, particularly with younger shoppers, who are among those driving the overall move towards plant-based diets,” said Whitehouse, according to The Grocer

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