Reading Time: < 1 minute One of the Naturalia stores in France (Photo: Naturalia)
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Three health food stores in Paris have been converted into entirely vegan outlets.

There are 150 Naturalia stores in France, with another 20 planned this year. The converted vegan outlets are called Naturalia Vegan, and have their own logo.


The stores, which will have around 2,000 plant-based products on their shelves, are subsidiaries of French retail giant Casino – which has branches around the country. This is the first time a large national brand has devoted shops to completely plant-based products.

They join existing vegan supermarket Un Monde Végan – an independent retailer with branches in Paris and Lyon.

Items for sale, which include food as well as beauty and grooming products, have been carefully selected, with suppliers being checked to ensure the ingredients and production methods comply with animal welfare standards.


At the moment, there do not appear to be any concrete plans to expand Naturalia’s vegan option. Shop bosses are waiting to see how successful the Paris stores are.

The Naturalia Vegan stores join a growing number of large vegan retail outlets across Europe, including London’s GreenBay and Switzerland’s Karma.


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