Reading Time: 2 minutes The burger will be available in eight BurgerFi outlets from July 3
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A plant-based burger created by Beyond Meat will be on the menu at an American food outlet from July 3.

The Beyond Burger will roll out across eight locations of BurgerFi – the first national burger chain in the country to offer the meat-alternative.

According to a post on Beyond Meat’s blog: “Just as the Beyond Burger is sold in grocery stores in the meat aisle, we knew it was important to serve it on menus alongside traditional beef burgers.”

The burger will be offered as a vegan option or ‘traditional-style’ with cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and onion.

The move follows another high-tech plant-based burger – the Impossible Burger – hitting the menu at Texas chain Hopdoddy.


The company, which is backed by billionaire Bill Gates, launched the burger last year in Whole Foods. It sold out within an hour. 

It is now available at 280 Safeway outlets across the US, as well as in the food halls at Yale University and vegan chain restaurant Veggie Grill.

According to BurgerFi, the Beyond Burger will become available due to customer demand. The burger chain’s Executive Chef Paul Griffin said: “Our VeggieFi burger is really popular, but there’s a real difference between a vegetable burger and this plant-based burger, because it truly tastes like burger.

“When you eat it, your mind tells you you’re eating beef.” 


Following the initial launch at eight of BugerFi’s stores, the Beyond Burger is set to roll out to all 101 locations of the chain by the end of the summer.

Beyond Meat’s CEO Ethan Brown said: “This is a really important step out of the plant-focused world and into a place where carnivores are going to go.”


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