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Non-dairy sales were three times bigger than dairy sales at Whole Foods Market in the UK this year.

The retailer, which recently conducted research on people’s changing attitudes towards non-dairy cheese, discovered that over a third of UK consumers would be open to trying vegan cheese, and 17 percent have already tried it.

Women are more open to trying dairy-free alternatives, with 39 percent saying they would give it a go, and Millennials were the age group most open to trying vegan cheese, with almost a quarter having already tried it.

Non-dairy sales

“With World Vegan Month and Christmas on the horizon, we’re always excited to see consumers pushing the boundaries and trying new things,” Miguel Uribe, Grocery Buyer at Whole Foods Market, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“It’s no surprise to see that UK consumers are still favoring the classic cheese, but it’s exciting to see that over a third of the nation are open to trying vegan cheese. Sales of dairy-free cheese at Whole Foods Market are flourishing, as a category our non-dairy sales this year were three times bigger than our dairy sales which is a first.

“Our research showed that more of us than ever will be catering for someone with a dietary requirements or preferences this Christmas, we know it can feel daunting catering for special diets, so we’re pleased to offer something for everyone here at Whole Foods Market.”

Maria Chiorando

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