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A new vegan burger is hitting the market – this time launched by California company Before the Butcher – and its makers claim it is ‘leading the plant-based burger wars‘.

The B4Burger, which will be officially unveiled the National Restaurant Association Show (May 20-22), is described as ‘looking, cooking and eating’ like ground beef, despite being plant-based, gluten-free and Non-GMO.

According to its makers, the patty, which is made mainly from soy: “Leads the category in the three areas most desired by the consumer: taste, texture and value.”

The B4Burger

‘Another level’

Danny O’Malley, Executive Plant Spinner at Before the Butcher, said: “The B4Burger will shatter your perception of plant-based burgers.

“This product is on another level when it comes to texture, taste and value. Foodservice operators across the country will now be able to afford the product they really want and need on their menus.”

The product is currently only available in food service – though the company is seeking retail opportunities.

Plant-based burger wars

Before the Butcher believes its products is ‘leading the plant-based burger wars’. The sector has seen huge growth in recent months, with companies making huge inroads into the mainstream domain.

Ethan Brown is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, a high tech startup building meat from plants. He told PBN in a recent interview that the company’s flagship product – its Beyond Burger – is outselling beef in some mainstream stores.

Another plant-based patty making waves is the Impossible Burger. Served at budget burger chain White Castle, it was recently labelled ‘one of America’s best fast-food burgers‘ by prestigious food outlet Eater.

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