Reading Time: < 1 minute By Chloe in London is set to open in the autumn (Photo: By Chloe)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A branch of a popular New York vegan chain eatery is set to open in London’s Covent Garden.

By Chloe has seven sites in New York. The London branch will be the first one outside the states. It is due to open in the autumn.


The NY menu includes pesto meatballs, kelp noodles and quinoa hash browns, though the exact offering is different in every branch.

The London store – which some are speculating will aim to tempt vegans and omnivores alike with a plant-based range of salads, burgers and juices – has not yet revealed its full menu.


By Chloe was initially founded by celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli, along with hospitality company Esquared, though the two eventually parted company.

After Coscarelli left, Co-founder Samantha Wasser pledged to keep the brand 100 per cent plant-based, saying: “By CHLOE never has—and will never plan—to serve non-vegan items.”


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