Reading Time: < 1 minute There are some tasty dishes on offer (Photo: Shift Eatery Instagram)
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A brand new 100 percent vegan deli has opened in Sydney – the city’s first, according to a report by Sport Luxe.

Shift Eatery offers a range of vegan grocery goods including meat alternatives and treats like chocolate, ice cream, and cheese, among other items.

Eating in

Those who choose to buy prepared food can pick from a range of sandwiches, sweet and savory toast, bowls, or more elaborate dishes like pulled jackfruit.

Customers after something sweet can tuck into cakes, tarts, and donuts supplied by local bakers.

There is a a huge range of non-dairy milk options on offer, including macadamia, to be enjoyed with hot chocolate, teas, and coffee from Marvel St Roasters in Byron Bay.


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