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Veganism is about more than just diet – followers of the lifestyle choose to eschew animal products in all aspects of their life.

Many new vegans struggle to find grooming products they know are free from animal secretions as well as animal testing.

High street chain store Superdrug is now relaunching it’s B.Makeup range – which a spokesperson describes as ‘the highest quality, vegan, cruelty free beauty
and grooming products at an accessible price’.

The collection now includes results-driven skincare for different skin phases, men’s grooming range and a
full complement of beauty accessories and makeup brushes.

 A Superdrug spokesperson said: “B. Makeup is the next step in the journey, offering professional
quality, solution driven, vegan and cruelty free makeup. 

“Everything has been created
using insider expertise offering the products and knowhow to help everyone
become their own makeup artist. The new range includes a capsule collection by
celebrity MUA Cassie Lomas.”

Cassie Lomas said: “It has been amazing to work with
the team at B. on the Makeup collection. As well as inputting into the shades
and formulations of the launch range being able to create my own capsule
collection of products has been a dream.”

Sarah Gardner, Superdrug Head of Beauty added: “Our B.
makeup brushes and accessories have been best-sellers as those looking for
vegan, cruelty free products, know they can trust the brand.

“Animal derived ingredients are in a multitude of
makeup products and it’s not easy to create high quality cosmetics without

“We’ve worked for almost two
years on the new B. Makeup collection and cannot wait for it to be revealed to
beauty lovers.”

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