Reading Time: < 1 minute The range's founder wants to inspire compassion in children (Photo: Mike Hrinewski)
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A new vegan kidswear brand says it wants to help inspire children’s compassion for animals.

Philadelphia-based Dynur makes beanies and sweaters with original prints featuring chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs, for ages 0-12 years.

The clothes are all hand-sewn in Philadelphia by the brand’s Founder Nina, with prints designed in Sweden by Nina’s sister Ann. Only water-based inks are used in the manufacturing process, keeping chemicals out water systems.

Vegan clothes

“Dynur’s first collection is all about the basics, bringing attention to some of the most exploited animals caught up by industrial agriculture,” Nina told Plant Based News.

“Sweaters and beanies are available in sizes from 0-12 years, and by wearing these, families are making a statement that we don’t have to accept society’s normalization of animal exploitation and that it’s possible to shift the baseline back in the direction of compassion.

“So why kidswear? Well, it’s not only because of how much more fun they are than adults. Dynur strongly believes that compassion is something we’re born with, and because many of us seem to lose hold of this sentiment as we get older, the brand hopes that by focusing on the little ones they can help them to hold on to, and carry, their compassion forward throughout their lives.”

You can find out more about Dynur here

Maria Chiorando

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