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Swiss conglomerate Nestlé has announced it will launch vegan condensed milk in three major U.K retailers.

The company says it has been developing the plant-based alternative to its classic Carnation condensed milk – which is commonly used in many recipes for desserts and confectionaries – for 18 months.

The new product, which is made from oat and rice flour, will be available on Ocado’s website from September – and will roll out to Morrisons and Tesco stores the following month.

‘It has been a challenge’

It will retail at £2.19 for a 370g tin – nearly 50p more expensive than its dairy counterpart.

According to The Grocer, Nestlé’s marketing lead for Dairy Brands U.K Vittoria Simms said: “It has been a challenge for vegans to find suitable alternatives to make dairy or caramel-based sweet treats or desserts, without having to compromise on taste, texture or appearance.”

Plant-based food facility

Earlier this year, Nestlé announced plans to build a plant-based food facility in China – as part of a $103.58 million investment.

The food giant’s first facility, which aims to launch vegan meat products by the end of 2020, will be built in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area.

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