Reading Time: < 1 minute The meat-free burger will launch next month (Photo: Nando's)
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South African food chain Nando’s is to launch a plant-based chicken burger* in Queensland, with plans to roll out to all locations in Australia later this year.

The eatery, which has been slammed over its animal welfare standards in the past, will debut ‘The Great Pretender’ burger on February 4 – aimed at those on a plant-based diet as well as flexitarians.

Nando’s state The Great Pretender has the same ‘kick of flavors’ as its signature chicken dishes, as it uses the chain’s ‘key ingredients’ such as lemon, herbs, and garlic.

‘An absolute winner’

According to The Chronicle, Head of Food at Nando’s Mario Manabe said:”Unlike our veggie patty, the Great Pretender’s texture is very similar to a minced chicken burger patty, and it caramelizes and smells just like meat when it’s cooked.

“On top of this, the color and coarseness of the protein itself and the juiciness of the patty have all been tweaked and re-tweaked to make the Great Pretender an absolute winner.”


Earlier this year, Nando’s UK launched a plant-based version of its top-selling Peri mayonnaise in its restaurants and Tesco stores.

Tasting just as good as the original, Vegan PERinaise is the first plant-based substitute to be developed by the PERi-PERi connoisseurs, with vegans, flexitarians, and those taking on Veganuary encouraged to cover their veggie Nando’s favorites in the new sauce,” a spokesperson said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“The introduction of Vegan PERinaise will finally allow anyone opting for a plant-based meal to indulge in one of the brand’s most beloved condiments – whether in restaurant or when creating the Nando’sNando’s experience at home.”

*Nando’s has stated the plant-based burger will be prepared on the same surfaces as meat

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