Reading Time: < 1 minute The ice cream at Ms Bean is made from a base of soya (Photo: Ms Bean)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Melbourne-based vegans seeking a tasty treat can now get their hands on Ms Bean ice cream at Box Hill.

The outlet, which offers a number of rotating flavors, including black sesame, came about as a result of trying to satisfy customer demand.

According to Ms Bean owner Cathy Han, people would dine at her curry and dumplings outlet Blissful station, then bemoan the lack of desserts to finish their meal.


Han says often, people don’t realise just how tasty vegan food can be.

She adds: “I feel most rewarded when customers ask me if something they have just tasted is really vegan.

“Ms Bean offers an entirely vegan menu using only natural ingredients, nothing artificial.”


Discussing recipes, she said: “Our ice cream is made from a base of certified organic soy milk and rice, no artificial colours or flavours, and churned fresh daily.

“The watermelon ice-cream, for instance, is not a gelato. 

“Vegans will usually have to always choose gelatos. Personally, I enjoy ice cream, so I wanted to create fruit-flavoured ice creams that were creamy, not icy.’”

As well as ice cream, the outlet offers a range of healthy toppings, as well as soya-based drinks.


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