PBN Exclusive: Former Morbidly Obese Man Shares How Vegan Diet Improved Mental And Physical Health


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A former morbidly obese man from Wyoming, U.S. has embarked on a vegan diet – and is now thriving.

37-year-old Doug Hyatt, who at his heaviest weighed 500 pounds, is now down 130 pounds after having decided to reinvent his life, and discovered a whole food plant-based diet.

Following a history of yo-yo dieting, he found success on a vegan diet, saying that every week he feels better – and drops more weight.


Hyatt, who has three children, has gone through dark times because of his weight, facing depression.

He told PBN: “I became suicidal. And not only did I think about suicide,… I actually ended up by myself, [close to pulling the trigger].

“I didn’t think life had anything else for me. I didn’t think anyone would love me.

“So I had to say: enough is enough. I am so tired.

“I have to change.”


He first started losing weight by dropping soda from his diet; he used to drink up to two gallons of soda per day. 

After he lost around 70 pounds, he stumbled upon the whole food plant-based diet, which, he says, prompted his ‘aha moment’.

According to plant-based doctor Martica Heaner: “He then realized that eating whole plant foods means that you can eat a lot, but you are not hungry and you are filled, and the weight continues to drop off.

“So he is definitely approaching it in a healthy way, not just watching portion sizes, but also eating and consuming much more nutritious food.”

Hyatt, who is 6?3 tall, now weighs 391lbs; and he plans to go down to 200lbs.


He has also created a YouTube channel, called 2ndChance FatMan, where he is documenting his entire journey and transition to a healthy lifestyle.

The channel is also a means of holding him accountable, in a bid to ‘overcome any excuses’.


Hyatt advices other people struggling with their weight: “You got to make that first choice. You have to choose to make a change in your life.

“The resources are available out there to you. This isn’t hidden information. 

“You could literally…spend eight-10 hours just on Netflix documentaries alone, and come out with invaluable information.”

In a further interview with PBN, he concludes: “At the end of the day, all I want to do is leave my mark, if I can help one person gain their life back from obesity, then my life was worth it, because I know how hard the battle is.”


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