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A leading physician has compared milk to meth – saying people may enjoy it, but it carries a host of health issues.

Dr. Milton Mills, a critical care physician working at an ICU who was featured in smash hit vegan documentary What the Health, often speaks out about the dangers of dairy.

According to the physician, he is ‘on a mission to educate the public about the consequences of dairy – to both individual health and that of society’.

Dr. Mills talks to PBN about dairy and other health issues

Ditch dairy

“I think of milk sort of like meth,” Dr. Mills said in a statement about the new Switch4Good podcast about the benefits of dairy-free living. “You can choose to ingest it for fun and recreation, but in no sense of anyone’s imagination can it be considered healthful or good for you.”

Speaking to Plant Based News about the dangers of dairy last year. Dr. Mills said: “If you look worldwide, those nations that consume the most dairy food, also have the highest incidents of osteoporosis. Dairy is the most unnatural food that human beings consume.

“Drinking milk for the nutrients is like inhaling cigarette smoke for the oxygen. It’s all marketing – they recommend dairy because the dairy lobby lobbies them to encourage it.”

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