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David Moore, Owner of Pied a Terre, one of the oldest Michelin Star restaurants in London, has branded veganism ‘a great business opportunity’.

The entrepreneur also said veganism would help London’s restaurant scene avoid ‘slipping into obscurity’.

‘No longer a trend’

In an interview with the Independent, Moore said: “It’s no longer a trend – it’s a thing. It’s a great business opportunity because we are a high-end restaurant that is super inclusive.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy the food here and if you look at the typical two-star or high end one star, the tasting menu is [one set of ingredients] for the whole table.

“We can do five or six different menus [to suit different diets]. It’s a lot harder work and you have to get it right, but it pays dividends for us.”

Vegan Menu

Pied a Terre offers a Vegan Tasting Menu as well as Vegan A la Carter. Dishes include Organic Spelt Risotto, Carrot Velouté, Vegan Cheese, Chocolate Mousse, and more.

Sustainability was also described as being ‘high on the menu’, with the restaurant adopting a zero-waste kitchen policy, where everything is collected for compost.

You can view the full menu here

Liam Giliver

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