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In this special video, Mic the Vegan looks at the use of dairy in schools – as well as how the marriage between big dairy and the government works, some newer dairy industry legislation, and a recent campaign against it all.

Did you know that schools account for between seven and eight percent of all milk consumption, in and around $1 billion dollars in milk sales?


Barbara O’Brien, senior executive vice president of Dairy Management said: “That’s a sizable and important piece of business. 

“Those sales are crucial to lifelong dairy consumption and keeping people positively inclined to our products and our industry.”

Mic says: “AKA start-em young when they are a CAPTIVE audience. They are legally obligated to go to school after all.

“For the dairy industry, they are trying to milk that udder hard.”

To find out more about why the facts around this topic blew Mic’s mind,watch the full video here


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