Reading Time: < 1 minute Meals served on Mondays will be animal product-free (Photo: Edgar Castrejon)
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Schools in Mexico’s second-largest state – Veracruz – will be serving vegan meals every Monday – totaling 925,000 vegan meals each year.

The meals will be served as a result of a collaboration agreement between Mercy For Animals’ [MFA] Latin American food policy program, Come Consciente (Conscious Eating) and Government officials.

The program, which launches in April, will see 20 percent of meat and other animal products served in schools replaced with plant-based food.


According to Mercy For Animals: “Veracruz is the first state to make a commitment and sign a bill saying it will promote plant-based foods in schools throughout the state – a groundbreaking accomplishment for Come Consciente, MFA Mexico, and the state of Veracruz.

“The administration of Veracruz reportedly hopes that the program will reduce the rates of childhood obesity and malnutrition in the state, especially since both of these conditions have been linked to learning problems.

“The program could also help prevent Veracruz’s next generation from developing diabetes, the leading cause of death in Mexico, according to the World Health Organization.”

‘Brighter future’

Coral González, Food Policy Specialist at MFA Mexico and Come Consciente, said: “By replacing 20 percent of its meat, dairy, and eggs with healthy, eco-friendly plant-based foods, the state of Veracruz is leading the way to a brighter future.”

MFA’s Global Food Policy Manager, Alan Darer, added: “We are very grateful to the secretary of education in Veracruz and the ESVISA Coordination for their support and collaboration in making this project a success.

“We are proud to deliver to the state of Veracruz the first Come Consciente seal, demonstrating its commitment to the health of students and sustainability. Congratulations!”

MFA has plans to work with other state governments in Mexico and roll the program out further.

Maria Chiorando

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