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Muscle-building bible Men’s Fitness has posted an article showing how men can get ‘jacked’ while following a plant-based diet.

The article describes claims that it’s impossible to make gains on a vegan diet as a ‘nasty rumor’ – and lists NFL pro Griff Whalen, NBA guard JJ Reddick, or Nike trainer Joe Holder as vegans who carry a serious amount of muscle on their frames.


According to the article: “While it’s certainly easier to load up on protein when it comes from animals, your muscles don’t actually reward the seemingly superior source. 

“A study earlier this year in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found it didn’t matter whether protein intake was from animals or plants—as long as men and women were getting at least the recommended daily allowance (that’s 0.8g/kg of bodyweight), carnivores and omnivores had roughly the same muscle mass and strength.”


The article claims that ‘basic dietary tenets’ – like eating protein after workouts, and eating less carbs late at night – still apply.

It also claims followers of a plant-based diet ‘will get hungry more often’.

“The most important thing is eating enough to fuel those HIIT workouts to shed body fat,” it says.

“And as long as you’re hitting your protein goals, you’ll have no problem being an ultra-ripped vegan.”


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