Reading Time: < 1 minute There were no apparent repercussions for the sanitary violation
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A raw meat
shipment to a Chinatown food retailer in Hawaii was reportedly wilfully fed it to clientele after it fell ‘skin-down’ on the sidewalk.


Department of Health (DOH) was informed of the incident by a passerby who took
a photo of the meat on the sidewalk and contacted the organization.

By the time
the DOH arrived, the meat had already been served to customers.

Still in

Chun’s Meat
Market – the offending retailer – had the right to refuse the evidently soiled
product, but accepted it anyway, cooking it and cleaning it before selling it
to patrons.

employees were then reportedly ‘educated’ by DOH workers on better practices.

business is still in operation.

Emily Court

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