Reading Time: < 1 minute The strips come in three flavors - including roast (Photo: Supplied to Plant Based News)
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Meat giant Kerry Foods is expanding its Naked Glory vegan range – with new plant-based chicken products that will launch in retailers from February 3.

Its new tenderstrips – which come in Roast, Tikka and Smoky BBQ flavors – are described by Kerry as having an ‘uncanny’ resemblance to traditional chicken.

They join existing products in the Naked Glory range, including quarter pounder burgers, mince, and sausages.


“The demand for tasty and exciting meat-free food is greater than ever before. It’s a compelling space for retailers to play in and a category that we expect to see continue enticing meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike over the coming months and beyond,” Alison Lees, Marketing Manager, Naked Glory, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“With more and more of the nation’s carnivores moderating their meat consumption, we want to make sure we’re giving shoppers plenty of meat-free options to sink their teeth into! That’s where our new mouth-watering meat-free Tenderstrips come in. Deliciously marinated and flame-grilled, just like their chicken counterparts, our Tenderstrips are packed with bold and punchy flavors that will make mealtimes something to really look forward to.

“High quality, great taste, and unbeatable texture – they’re the perfect addition to our line-up of pork and beef alternatives. For us, it’s all about bringing greater choice to the meat-free category, so that shoppers can enjoy even more delicious meat-free meals.”

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