Plant-Based Company Calls For 'Meat Aisle' To Be Renamed 'Protein Aisle'

Plant-Based Company Calls For ‘Meat Aisle’ To Be Renamed ‘Protein Aisle’


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'Vegans don't really want to go down the meat aisle' (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission) - Media Credit:
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Plant-based brand, The Meatless Farm Co, has called for the meat aisle in grocery stores to be renamed the ‘the protein aisle’. 

The company, which recently debuted its meat-free products in the US after securing a deal with Whole Foods, says it has been pushing UK retailers to be ‘brave’ by putting its plant-based meat and other vegan brands on the same shelves an animal-meat.

“It’s not in the meat aisle yet in Europe or the U.K. but we are moving towards that,” Founder, Morten Toft Bech, told MarketWatch.

“The vision is that you walk into a supermarket and it’s no longer called the meat aisle but it’s called the protein aisle – where there is a whole bunch of protein, some of which is from animals and, hopefully, a lot of which is not.”

‘Dual locate’

According to MarketWatch, former Kellogg’s boss, Rob Woodall, said: “One of the challenges is that vegetarians and vegans don’t really want to go down the meat aisle.

“The solutions for retailers is dual locate – they should have a vegan aisle but then start to drive a bit of a range in the meat aisle, or the protein aisle.

“The movement is so big, whether it’s meat reducers or vegetarians, there’s an opportunity to do both.”

Vegan controversy

Naturli’ launched its plant-based mince and burgers in the meat aisle of Sainsbury’s – receiving backlash from vegans and vegetarians who said they were put off from buying the products – as they were faced to confront animal meat. 

Taking to social media to address these questions, a spokesperson for Naturli’ Foods said: “We’ve put our Naturli’ Minced and Patties in the cold counters with the other meats to focus on the usage, not the origin.

“We believe that every step in the right direction counts, and that is why we take pride in helping the vegan, the flexitarian or just your everyday omnivore making plant-based choices in the food aisle.

“Our goal is to deliver 100 percent plant-based foods that taste amazing and by placing the plant-based Minced and Patties next to the meats, we believe we’re making it easier for people to try a plant-based meal.”

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