Reading Time: 2 minutes Dr. Klaper says some people develop a dependence on meat (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Some people can develop a dependency on flesh, according to top plant-based physician Dr. Klaper – which is why he believes some people ditch a vegan diet despite the negative health implications of doing so.

Dr. Klaper made the comments during an interview with Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell. The pair also discussed the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet, weight loss, fasting, and the keto diet.

When Mitchell asked Dr. Klaper why some people give up their plant-based diets and return to eating animals, the doctor suggested a dependence on flesh could explain some cases.

Ditching vegan

“There are two reasons I think people largely go back to eating meat,” said Dr. Klaper. “One is social pressure, they get tired of being the odd person out at a restaurant or at home, and cooking two meals for their spouses, so much of it is social.

“But the folks who truly have a real meat craving, I think it has to do with the food we eat as infants. When you think about it, at six months of age when the baby is still nursing on the breast, with all the love in the parents’ hearts that jar of baby lamb, baby chicken is opened, and at that point three times a day animal flesh is slathered on that child’s intestines. By age two or three they’re in the fast food restaurant eating their Happy Meals.

“They’re off to an animal-based diet start. And if you eat meat three times a day through infancy, childhood, through adolescence, puberty, through your teens, your twenties, your thirties, you’re going to get dependent on the carnitine, the creatine, the muscle-based nutrients that are coming in with the food. Your body makes them but if they are coming in three times a day since infancy, what are your genes going to do?”

Dr. Kalper talks about meat dependency

Meat dependent

He continued: “They’re going to down-regulate their own production of carnitine and creatine because it’s coming in three times a day. Well that works as long as you’re still eating it – of course you’re brewing up a bunch of different diseases while you’re doing it – but if you suddenly stop eating flesh you’re body’s still looking for those pre-formed nutrients and you have to make them on your own.

“Most people can gear up their genes and enzymes to start synthesizing their own carnitine and creatine but some folks might be a bit slower, might take six months or a year before they’re really manufacturing that and they get meat cravings and when they eat meat…they feel great. This not normal human physiology, it is an acquired dependency created by feeding a human flesh three times a day in infancy. No primate does that.”

He advises lapsed vegans with meat cravings to eat meat once a week until they can cut it out.

You can watch the full interview here

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